Apparently Nintendo Switch Could Overheat, Warp When Docked Too Long


April 3, 2017

What makes Nintendo Switch so appealing is its ability to be played on the go, or placed in a dock and played on TV. The latter isn’t too appealing, however, if it results in the system being damaged.

Reddit user _NSR posted a picture of their Switch on Sunday, claiming the visible bend to the system was caused by it overheating when docked. Since the post went live, other Switch owners have reported similar issues, with some saying the issue appears to happen when the system is docked for an extended period of time.

It’s worth nothing that _NSR said their Switch still works perfectly fine, and hasn’t suffered any gameplay issues.

While our Switch hasn’t warped, we have noticed the system gets pretty hot when docked, particularly when running “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” There are two cooling vents at the top of the system, although they’re noticeably small.

In packing so much technology into such a small body, it wouldn’t be surprising if Nintendo knowingly compromised in some areas, such as the system’s cooling. Until issues like this, as well as the system’s currently limited game library, are resolved, we still can’t recommend buying the Switch.

Thumbnail photo via Nintendo

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