Can Browns Still Land Jimmy Garoppolo In Trade With Patriots This Year?

Just when Cleveland Browns fans had resigned themselves to the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo would not be their starting quarterback in 2017,’s Mary Kay Cabot pulled them right back in Friday afternoon.

Cabot reported the Browns might try to trade with the New England Patriots for Garoppolo AGAIN Friday night during the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. The Browns apparently are more persistent than Frank Martin when the South Carolina basketball coach was courting his wife. Perhaps the Browns can annoy the Patriots into trading Garoppolo.

The Browns reportedly tried to trade for Garoppolo on Thursday night during the first round, too. They still don’t have a quarterback, and they have a boatload of draft picks if the Patriots are even the least bit interested. At this point, it seems they’re not.

The Browns have the 52nd, 65th, 145th 175th, 181st, 185th and 188th overall picks in this year’s draft. They also have their own and the Houston Texans’ first-round picks in 2018 and their own, Houston’s and the Philadelphia Eagles’ second-round picks next year.

So, what would it take for the Patriots to finally say yes?

Perhaps the 52nd overall pick this year, plus the Browns’ first-round pick and an additional second-rounder next year would do it? Maybe No. 52, No. 65 and the Browns’ 2018 first-rounder? Maybe a genie who could grant the Patriots three wishes, including the right to wish for three more wishes?

The Browns could still trade one of the players they selected Thursday night — defensive end Myles Garrett, safety Jabrill Peppers or tight end David Njoku. Any of the three would help the Patriots. It seems unlikely Njoku is on the move, however, since the Browns are cutting veteran tight end Gary Barnidge.

If the Browns are truly desperate for Garoppolo, they probably still could find a way to swing a trade if they’re willing to give up both first-rounders next year. The Browns’ pick will undoubtably still be high with Garoppolo at quarterback or not, so acquiring that pick has more value than most future firsts. The Texans’ pick likely would be near the end of the first round, but it still holds value. And the Browns would still have three second-round picks to either use or trade.

At this point it is worth seriously considering if anything would be enough for the Patriots, however. They seem to absolutely adore Jimmy G and clearly look at him as a future star. Tom Brady will be 40 years old in August, and the Patriots apparently don’t believe Jacoby Brissett is ready to be the heir apparent.

The Browns do have plenty of trade capital left in Garrett, Peppers, Njoku, a 2017 second-round pick, two 2018 first-round picks and three 2018 second-round picks. Give it all up? Yeah, they could probably get Garoppolo. Anything less? That’s for the Patriots to decide.

Thumbnail photo via Matt Kartozian/USA TODAY Sports Images

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