If you’re a skilled hacker and have a spare Nintendo Switch to mess around with, you might be able to earn yourself a pretty decent payday.

Nintendo is willing to pay anywhere from $100 to $20,000 to people who are able to find bugs and vulnerabilities in the Switch, according to a post by HackerOne. The call to find flaws in the Switch follows Nintendo’s previous invitation to hunt for similar issues in the 3DS.

The Japanese gaming company reportedly wants help finding flaws that could allow cheating, piracy or inappropriate content to reach children. Nintendo said it will reward the first person who detects such flaws.

Three individuals already have been paid rewards since Nintendo launched its bug-hunting program in December 2016, according to Mashable. The amount paid to those people reportedly still isn’t known.

Given Switch’s success thus far, it’s not surprising Nintendo is actively looking for ways to further refine the system for future customers. And, to be frank, the console’s small game library should give owners plenty of time to learn all of the Switch’s secrets.

Thumbnail photo via Nintendo