Racing has brought Dale Earnhardt Jr. enormous success, but the sport might be a little too pricey for him to let his future kids follow in his footsteps.

During Tuesday’s episode of Earnhardt’s weekly podcast, “Dale Jr. Download,” the Hendrick Motorsports driver and his wife, Amy Earnhardt, answered fans’ questions about whether they want their future children to get into racing. The newlyweds’ reasoning for not wanting their future kids to join the family business might surprise you.

“It’d be hard for me,” Dale said. “I’ll just say this – I definitely will not push that on them at all. I’d rather them probably not be race car drivers.”

When asked by Amy why he feels that way, Dale answered: “It’s freaking expensive.”

Amy countered by asking Dale how much he paid to be a race car driver, to which he responded: “My dad paid a lot. … I think I would be super proud of them if that’s what they wanted to do.”

While we’re not doubting the Earnhardts’ trepidation about funding future amateur-racing careers, we wouldn’t be surprised if other factors are at play, such as the sport’s potential health risks.

Thumbnail photo via Michael Shroyer/USA TODAY Sports Images