Kid Who Helped Find Tom Brady’s Stolen Jerseys Got Rejected By NFL Security

Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys were a total mystery for quite some time. All it took was a teenager to assist the FBI in finding them.

Dylan Wagner, a 19-year-old New England Patriots fan from Seattle, played a huge role in the recovery of the missing threads. Wagner, who is a memorabilia collector, was involved in a jersey transaction last year with a man named Martin Mauricio Ortega, who wound up being the culprit of the stolen jerseys.

Wagner was able to assist the mission after coming into contact with Christopher Arone, a fellow sports memorabilia collector who serves as a Boston ATF Special Agent.

While Wagner was able to relay the information to Arone, he apparently wasn’t the first person the teen reached out to. According to TMZ Sports, Wagner actually attempted to speak to the NFL, the Patriots and Houston police department, but none of the parties took him seriously.

Thanks to Wagner, the jerseys are now back with their rightful owner, Tom Brady, who showed off the game-worn uniform during the Boston Red Sox’s opening day ceremonies Monday.

Thumbnail photo via Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports Images