Mercedes Already Stopped Taking US Applications To Own Upcoming Hypercar

Not many can afford Mercedes-AMG’s upcoming hypercar, but even if you can, you can’t buy one. At least, not if you live in the United States.

The project manager heading Mercedes’ hypercar effort, Melissa Witek, revealed to Road & Track on Wednesday the company capped its list of prospective American customers March 17. Only 275 examples of the $2.4-million Formula One-inspired car — code-named “Project One” — will be produced, so those interested in buying one were required to fill out an application.

The German manufacturer currently is dwindling the list, comprised largely of long-time Mercedes owners, to a select few. Much like Ford did with the GT, Merc plans to sell the car to people who will frequently drive it and bring it to public events so lots of enthusiasts can see it in person.

While us normal people have seen only sketches and teaser images of this 1,000-horsepower beast, the people who’ve thrown their hat in the ring to buy one have seen it in person. Witek reportedly confirmed it held a closed-door meeting at the Geneva International Auto Show, during which it showed potential customers a clay model, the design of which was roughly 85 percent complete.

Those who are deemed worthy enough of owning the world’s first road car to have an F1 power unit strapped to it will purchase the vehicles directly from Mercedes-AMG, then select the dealer where they will take delivery and have it serviced.

Mercedes hasn’t decided how many hypercars will land on U.S. shores, though it’s expected to announce that information in May, and the entire car is set to be revealed at the International Motor Show Germany in September.

Thumbnail photo via Daimler

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