“Grand Theft Auto” is a series that’s always pushing boundaries and moving forward. A new update, however, will bring the series back to its roots.

Tiny Racers, an update to “Grand Theft Auto Online,” will release April 25, according to Kotaku, and will bring a bit of a vintage perspective to the game’s stunt racing. Since “Grand Theft Auto III,” every game in the venerable franchise has been a free-roaming, 3-D experience. But before then, each game in the series featured top-down gameplay.

Thankfully, Tiny Racers is going to help gamers relive the glory days.

While we wish something like this would’ve been incorporated into “Grand Theft Auto V’s” online service a little sooner, we sill can’t wait to play it. Furthermore, it’s pretty cool that Rockstar Games, “GTA’s” developer, still finds ways to make the game exciting and fresh.

Judging by how the game looks, however, it’s rather unlikely that automakers are going to¬†find much data that will prove useful in the development of self-driving vehicles.