Past-Gen Video Games That Need Current-Gen Releases More Than ‘Mario Kart’


“Mario Kart 8” released on Nintendo’s Wii U in 2014. Nearly three years later, the franchise is getting another entry, this time on the Nintendo Switch. Fans love “Mario Kart” games, and their loyalty consistently is rewarded by Nintendo routinely releasing new installments.

But why don’t other similarly loved video game series get the same treatment?

Some franchises, such as “Mario Kart,” Call of Duty,” “Halo” and “Madden” always find their way onto the latest  systems. Others, though, seem to get left behind.

Here are nine gaming franchises, which received entries on a various last-generation systems, that we’d love to see brought onto current consoles:


Everybody’s favorite purple dragon made appearances on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but he did so in games that were just remastered versions of older “Spyro” entries. It’s been a while since a truly new “Spyro” title has been released and, personally, we think the Nintendo Switch would be the perfect system on which to do so.

“James Bond”

There hasn’t been an officially licensed James Bond game since 2012’s “007 Legends,” and we think that’s a crime. Given the graphic capabilities of current-gen systems, and the popularity of the “James Bond” franchise during Daniel Craig’s tenure, an immersive open-world game feels long overdue.


The premise of “Turok” is amazing: a first-person shooter that pits humans against dinosaurs. Unfortunately, recent entries in the franchise have been underwhelming, including 2008’s plainly titled “Turok.” Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long for a reboot that’s worth their money.

“Prince of Persia”

As long as actor Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t involved, we’d love to see this franchise receive a reboot. “The Forgotten Sands,” released in 2010, was okay, but we think the series could do better. The old games simply are too awesome to abandon “Prince of Persia” all together.


Gamers aren’t into skateboarding games as much as they once were, but we think Electronic Arts would be well-served to make a “Skate 4” for current-gen systems. All three entries in this series are great, and the franchise single-handedly made “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” irrelevant.

“Donkey Kong”

Like “Mario Kart,” this series received an entry on the Wii U. And although that game was great, we think this franchise as a whole needs to be switched up. Aside from “Donkey Kong 64,” nearly every game in the series uses a 2-D side-scrolling format. We’d love nothing more than a 3-D “Donkey Kong” adventure to find its way onto the Nintendo Switch.


“BioShock Infinite” got a remastered edition on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t really count. The three games in this series all were released on last-gen systems and, admittedly, there was some fatigue by the time “Infinite” came out. Still, each entry in this franchise is excellent, and it would be inexcusable for a fourth game not to release on current-gen consoles.

“Dead Space”

Each game in this series is extremely uncomfortable to play, which is why they’re great. And although the last-gen consoles were able to handle each “Dead Space” game perfectly fine, we think fighting parasitic alien viruses in outer space would just be that much better on newer systems.


The last game in this series was 2008’s “Burnout Paradise,” which is a shame. Sure, “Forza” has raised the bar for open-world racing games with its “Horizon” installments, but a new “Burnout” wouldn’t directly compete with Turn 10 Studios’ titles. The games have always been targeted at a more casual audience, and a new one easily could find a home on something like the Nintendo Switch.

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