PlayStation 4’s Design Makes It Perfect Hiding Spot For Cockroaches


It’s common for people to have personal electronic devices that suffer from various types of bugs. But that term usually refers to some kind of software glitch or hardware failures, not an actual insect.

Sony’s PlayStation 4, though, apparently is prone to a bug problem that is both very literal and very disgusting.

The gaming console’s interior power supply provides a warm environment that’s ideal for cockroaches to invade and multiply, according to Kotaku. The roaches — and their offspring — can melt onto the system’s hardware, rendering the console powerless, according to multiple console repair professionals Kotaku interviewed.

Console repairmen, like the one in the video below, understandably don’t wake up every day looking forward to scrubbing cockroaches out of PS4 power units.

The problem apparently is easy to detect, as the roaches leave clear traces of their presence, include droppings that have a distinguishable smell, according to Kotaku. But despite how common the problem appears to be, Sony doesn’t accept repair requests for insect-infested PS4s.

Microsoft’s Xbox One reportedly suffers from similar issues, though not as frequently, as the system features an external power supply, more popularly referred to as “the brick.”

As long as any creepy crawlers don’t come and zap its interior, the PlayStation 4 still is our pick for the video game console with the most staying power.

Thumbnail photo via Flickr/Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen

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