Slovakian Company Taking Orders For Flying Car Ahead Of 2019 Release


Considering we live in a time during which spy watches and self-driving cars are no longer relegated to science fiction novels, it seems natural flying cars are now leaping off the pages and into reality.

AeroMobil announced Thursday at Top Marques Monaco it has begun accepting preorders for a flying car, which it plans to deliver to customers by 2019, according to a press release.

The car will be AeroMobil’s first commercially available vehicle and is designed in accordance with aeronautical and automotive regulations. The Slovakian company said its ultimate goal is to provide a solution that’s both more efficient and environmentally friendly than existing transportation methods.

Pricing for AeroMobil’s flying car is expected to start at $1.2 million, though it reportedly could cost as much as $1.6 million.

Thumbnail photo via AeroMobil

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