This Sad Attempt To Tow Out Tree Stump With SUV Goes Horribly Wrong


Among the many interesting things about trees is how deeply rooted in the ground they often are. You’d think this would dissuade people from attempting to yank them out of the ground with anything other than a backhoe, but the world still is filled with many people who throw common sense to the wind.

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube by Khaled A., someone can be seen attempting to tow a tree out of the ground with an SUV, and it goes about as well as you’d expect. After putting up with the vehicle’s persistent nagging, the tree finally fights back.

We’re not sure who the men are in the video, or what they wanted with the tree, but it’s clear they didn’t think this one through.

In all seriousness, everyone involved here is fortunate something worse didn’t happen, as the branch was moving at a pretty decent clip.

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