It’s fair to say most thieves aren’t thinking straight when they attempt to steal something. Some crooks, however, apparently have even less going on upstairs than the average burglar.

A man in Cardiff, Wales, recently was captured on closed-circuit TV attempting to steal items from a car, including a dashcam, according to the Daily Mail. Once the man realized he’d been caught on closed-circuit TV, he attempted to return the dashcam, but wound up accidentally recording his face while doing so. Seriously.

As you can see, this man is the exact opposite of a smooth criminal.

“One of the things he took was a dashcam,” Steven Camilleri, whose car was the one broken into, recently said, via Daily Mail. “As he put it back, it caught a lovely picture of his face.

“A car adapter set we bought while on a trip to France was also taken and then put back.”

Police reportedly are now trying to use the footage to help track down the would-be thief.