Watch This Snake’s Terrifying Attempt At Biting Motorcycle Driver


Riding a motorcycle can be a liberating experience, as it opens you up to the world you’re traveling. Unfortunately, that world includes snakes.

In a video posted to YouTube on Monday by ViralHog, a snake can be seen lunging at a motorcyclist driving down a road in Lampang, Thailand. Given that most snakes are defensive in their nature, it stands to reason the snake perceived the motorcycle to be some sort of threat. Although, it’s safe to assume the close encounter left the rider feeling like they were the one in real danger.

Even if you’re someone who finds snakes to be beautiful, fascinating creatures, a situation like this surely would give you nightmares for weeks.

There might be larger issue on hand here, however. The combination of this snake attack, and a recent video showing a deer leaping over a motorcycle rider, suggest there’s a concerted effort among members of the animal kingdom to put motorcyclists on the endangered species list.

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