Controversial ‘Mario Kart’ Features Help Young Stroke Victim Finally Play


If you’ve played “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” you might have noticed a couple of new editions to the franchise: smart steering and auto-accelerate. The features are intended to help ease “Mario Kart” newcomers into the series’ fast-paced play, but have been controversial among long-time fans, as turning them off isn’t very straightforward.

The features, though, have made playing “Mario Kart” possible for one 4-year-old girl, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so.

Reddit user MyAudioDNA wrote a post Saturday titled “The Magic of Mario Kart’s Auto Drive/Steer,” in which he explained his daughter lacks the coordination necessary to steer and accelerate at the same time, as she suffered a stroke shortly after she was born. For his daughter, named Molly, the feature makes it possible for her to play without getting frustrated.

“Thanks to Mario Kart’s new Auto Drive feature, she can now steer with her left hand and let the game drive for her or vice versa,” he said in the post. “I’m sure this feature will be an annoyance to many, but for my daughter, who would otherwise not really be able to participate, it is the best feature ever added to a Mario Kart game.

“She is currently sitting in my living with my other 2 kids and my wife and all of them are playing Mario Kart and laughing their heads off. This is truly a day I won’t forget thanks to Nintendo.”

Regardless of what you think about smart steering or auto-accelerate, you have to admit they’re extremely beneficial for people with physical disabilities.

Personally, neither these features, nor a troublesome online mode, were enough to dissuade us from giving “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” a largely positive review.

Thumbnail photo via Nintendo

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