Paul Pierce joined former Boston Celtics teammates Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Kendrick Perkins during the “KG’s Area 21” segment before TNT’s broadcast of Game 4 between the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz on Monday night.

It produced some hilarious moments, ones that Celtics fans certainly will enjoy.

One of the funniest was when Doc Rivers, who coached this group to an NBA Finals triumph in 2008, revealed his retirement gift for Pierce: a wheelchair. Pierce probably wishes people would forget about that NBA Finals memory, but it still creates a bunch of laughs nearly a decade later.

One notable absence from the group was Ray Allen. The term “sour breakup” was used to describe Allen’s exit from Boston in 2012.

Another cool moment was when the group discussed Rivers’ relationship with Rondo, which certainly was testy at times. At one point while reminiscing about a heated exchange between Rondo and Rivers, Perkins said: “Rondo, man, Doc was about to put his hands on you.”

It all started with a long segment featuring just the five players, during which Pierce talks about his final season with the Los Angeles Clippers, his desire to sign a one-day contract and retire with the Celtics and playing with Garnett during their AAU days.

Check out @KGArea21 on Twitter for more videos of this C’s reunion. Celtics fans, in particular, will find them very entertaining.