Here’s Why You Should Reconsider Posting Your 10 Concerts To Facebook


If you’ve been on Facebook lately — chances are you probably have — you might’ve noticed people posting lists about what concerts they have or haven’t been to. But if you’re thinking about hopping on the latest social media fed, you might want to reconsider.

For those of you who’ve been disconnected lately, here’s how the chain post works: Someone posts a list of 10 artists and asks their friends to guess which of the 10 they haven’t seen live. Often times, the person includes a blurb about the first concert they ever saw.

These type of trends are quite common, and actually provide useful information for hackers looking to crack your security questions and break into some of your online accounts, according to USA TODAY.

“I typically advise people not to answer those questions,” Tom Gorup, director of security operations for Rook Security in Indianapolis, recently told USA TODAY. “It’s not worth it.”

The post reportedly was started by a New York-based DJ looking to counter the negativity seen on social media. But although the meme was created with the best intentions, Forrester Research analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo says users should delete the posts or make them private.

“If I’m a hacker, I’m taking full advantage of this,” Khatibloo told USA TODAY. “Don’t make those kinds of answers about your life public.”

We’re not advocating for or against social media memes. However, before posting, you should probably ask yourself if informing friends about your concert history is worth the risk of identity theft.

Thumbnail photo via Pexels

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