Prior to Uber’s emergence, seeing a car randomly parked on the side of a street would be cause for suspicion, at the very least.

But times have changed.

At least six drug dealers in the Bronx and Manhattan have been arrested in the last week, the New York Post reports. That in and of itself isn’t very fascinating, but here’s the kicker: the arrests were made as part of “Uber Connect,” an operation meant to bust drug dealers posing as Uber drivers.

Suspects reportedly have been using fake Uber logos and stickers so they won’t look suspicious while waiting for customers. Four arrests were made Tuesday, while at least two more occurred sometime last week, according to authorities.

The individuals arrested Tuesday were found with a kilogram of cocaine and $22,000 in cash, according to the Post. Moreover, they’re part of a drug ring that allegedly includes 100 customers, and whose volume of sales has led to the use of Uber facades.

Personally, we can’t help but wonder how different this story would look in, say, 20 years when Uber potentially has fleets of flying taxis and self-driving vehicles.

Thumbnail photo via Flickr/Automobile Italia