Patriots Mailbag: How Will Tom Brady Spread Ball Around To His Receivers?


Well played, Mr. Kappus.

How crazy is it that the Jets will start either Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg once Josh McCown inevitably gets injured?

Wait, I’m supposed to be emptying the mailbag, not filling it. Sorry. Let’s get to the questions.

@DougKyed #maildoug Rank the Patriots receivers in order of receptions next year please
— @MrQuindazzi
1. Julian Edelman
2. Brandin Cooks
3. James White
4. Rob Gronkowski
5. Chris Hogan
6. Malcolm Mitchell
7. Dwayne Allen
8. Rex Burkhead
9. Danny Amendola
10. Dion Lewis
11. Mike Gillislee

I had a tough time ordering Mitchell, Allen, Burkhead and Amendola. Allen’s receptions likely will depend heavily on the health and usage of Gronkowski.

What do I win if my list is perfect? I think all of my followers should have to Venmo me $2. If you disagree, tweet me and say nay. Otherwise, you gotta pay up. Sorry.

@DougKyed How long before the Patriots release Giselle
— @stanpanicker
Ouch. That’s not nice, Stan.

@DougKyed What do u think of giselles concussion comments
— @e_bruger
I think Tom Brady probably told Gisele he had a concussion. Are those who are “defending the wall” by saying “Gisele isn’t a doctor” imagining that she had Brady lay down on an examining table and diagnosed him herself? Because I don’t think that happened. Actually, I’m fairly positive it didn’t. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the Bradys don’t have an examining table in their house.

I think Brady suffers concussions. And I think he should disclose them to the team for his long-term health. But it should surprise absolutely no one that he doesn’t because of his competitiveness.

I don’t really know what the NFL should do about this. There’s not much they can do when a player suffers a concussion that a spotter can’t discern from afar.

Until the NFL ceases to exist, players will continue to take the field at their own risk.

what do you see garopollo doing 5 years down the line?
— @ProFootballPro
I believe he’ll be a top-five quarterback in the NFL.

The more difficult question is where? Will it be New England? Cleveland? Arizona? Los Angeles?

The best bet is probably New England. But let’s see how well Brady plays this season first.

@DougKyed How do the Pats handle that tough back to back in Denver then Mexico City?
— @GerardStOurs
The smart move would be to stay out in Denver and then leave early for Mexico City. There’s not much sense in going somewhere else, like California, because Mexico City is actually closer to Denver than anywhere further west. And going all the way back to New England just to fly back out to Mexico City wouldn’t make much sense, either.

The Patriots could fly straight from Denver to Mexico City, but that seems unnecessarily risky due to both crime and air pollution.

@DougKyed what are your expectations for Stephon Gilmore? He’s a much better athlete than Ryan & has never played with a DMac level safety.
— @June__NYC
Very high, especially with Malcolm Butler hanging around for at least one more season. Having two No. 1-caliber cornerbacks allows Butler and Gilmore to play to their strengths. Gilmore will take on big receivers while Butler will take on smaller, quicker ones. And depending on what other receivers are on the field, there will be help for both players from both Devin McCourty and Duron Harmon.

The Patriots are almost built too well. How do you criticize this team right now? What is there to be concerned about? Even if Roger Goodell went against precedent and suspended Brady another four games for Concussiongate, the Patriots still have Garoppolo behind him.

@DougKyed Did you hear coach Belichick on @PaulRabil poscast Sutiing Up With Paul Rabil this week?
— @WalterLongworth
I did. I thought one of the most interesting parts of the podcast was when Bill Belichick was talking about the draft and how the Patriots will draft for need if they have multiple players left on the board with the same or similar grades. It’s logical and maybe even obvious, but it’s usually difficult to get that kind of information out of Belichick.

Are many of the free agent visits just a case of “kicking the tires”? #MailDoug
— @JimGilhooly1957
I believe so, because the Patriots don’t actually sign most of these players who come on visits or workouts. And the Patriots are smart. I doubt they’re often surprised by what a player has left in the tank. Chances are they know exactly what he has left.

Many times, these players are hosted in case of emergency situations during the season.

Let’s go rapid fire.

Who do you think takes the most snaps this season out of the running back core🤔
I’ll go out on a limb and say White barely edges out Gillislee. I think Gillislee is more likely to give up snaps to Burkhead or Lewis than White.

If Brandin Cooks and Gronk stay healthy for 16 games, chances Brady beats Mannings TD record for second time in career?
— @IvanLingvay

@DougKyed sup? #MailDoug
— @June__NYC
Watching “Fargo.” Just went out for ice cream because it’s apparently summer now, which is totally cool even if I haven’t put our air conditioner in the window yet. So, it’s really hot in my house. I’m not complaining. But I’m just saying it’s real, real hot in my house.

@DougKyed How would the Pats stop LeBron?
— @Jquig85
Jam him at the line and put a safety on him.

@DougKyed Who’s your favorite patriot- Sam Adams or Paul Revere #seriousquestion #kinda
— @Rotsen1230
John Adams was pretty cool.

@DougKyed Do you think the Patriots will repeat?
— @thatfrancois

@DougKyed If Brady plays his contract out, becomes a coach for the pats the next year, QB gets hurt, can he come back and play QB if he wanted to?
— @CountOnItMusicJ
Yes, but I see no chance Brady coaches after he retires.

Let’s talk sun chips: Original, garden salsa, or harvest cheddar?
— @RustyRoyas
I think I might go with french onion. But I want to try this garden salsa. Maybe I’ll bring them for the next episode of “Doug’s Bugs.”

@DougKyed #maildoug Week 17 Patriots have a spate of injuries at LB.2:00 min left & last guy goes down.BB Turns to you and says can you play? Do you?
— @MrQuindazzi
Yes, so I can say I played in the NFL. I’d probably trust my teammates to do most of the work. There’s a reason there aren’t any 175-pound linebackers in the NFL.

@DougKyed Do you miss Braun Strowman too? #MailDoug
— @JeffWIIM
I do. Because wrestling is so #bad right now, I’m reading through the r/squared circle Wrestler Observer Rewind posts and reliving my childhood. Those posts, plus Bruce Prichard’s podcast, are highly recommended.

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