This Impressive Map Breaks Down 263 Companies Developing Self-Driving Tech


May 12, 2017

When people think of companies that are developing autonomous vehicle technology, a few big ones, such as Tesla, Uber and Waymo come to mind. But the fact is, there are hundreds of others that also are involved in the self-driving revolution — 263, to be exact.

Comet Labs, a venture capital firm specializing in artificial intelligence, published a blog post Wednesday titled “263 Self-Driving Startups to Watch,” which looks at all the players currently in the driverless car industry. The post’s author, Taylor Stewart, also included a visual breakdown of the companies in each sector of the market, such as safety and security and in-car intelligence, as well as the products or services they’re developing.

The graphic is a lot to take in, but is undeniably fascinating. (Click here for a full-size version of the stack)

Future of transportation stack

Photo via Comet Labs

So why create such a visual? According to Stewart, it’s so the little guys aren’t forgotten.

“Because this is a complex problem beyond autonomy alone? — ?and because both incumbents and startups are still carving out their space in the rapidly changing market? — ?there are lots of founders and engineers creating innovative technologies that should not be overlooked,” she wrote in the post.

With so many brilliant minds working towards a common goal, self-driving vehicles might dominate the roads sooner than most people think.

Thumbnail photo via Ford

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