Is Aaron Rodgers a better NFL quarterback or game show contestant?

We know what you’re thinking: How is this even a question? But the Green Bay Packers QB surprisingly is sharp on the game show stage. Exhibit A: Rodgers’ guest appearance on ABC’s “The Pyramid” on Sunday.

Rodgers was paired with a show contestant in a simple word-association game (basically like “Heads Up” for all you millennials out there) that involved the two-time MVP trying to guess answers based on clues his partner gave him.

And he crushed it.

Rodgers breezed through the first five answers with relative ease before sweating it out a bit to get the last answer — “People who are bald” — thanks to some hilariously accurate clues from her partner.

“Terry¬†Bradshaw. Old grandmothers. Old men. Terry Bradshaw,” the contestant blurted out before Rodgers finally put it all together with the hint, “aging.”

The victory helped Rodgers take down his competitor, FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews, and win a cool $100,000 for his partner. But Rodgers is used to the game show winners’ circle: He racked up $50,000¬†for charity¬†during an appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy! in May 2015 and dispatched three contestants while on ABC’s “Big Fan” this January.

Rodgers clearly is a game show maestro — although we don’t recommend he try Family Feud.

Thumbnail photo via Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports Images