Celtics Fan Burns Custom Markelle Fultz Jersey In Dumbest Move You’ll See Today


The Markelle Fultz-to-Boston bandwagon officially has gone off the rails.

Major news broke Saturday that the Celtics are dealing the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft to the Philadelphia 76ers. That all but assures Fultz, the projected No. 1 pick, is headed to Philly instead of Boston.

It turns out a lot of people wanted to see the Washington prospect in Celtic green, though — including one fan who took drastic measures after Saturday’s report.

Bye @MarkelleFultz it's like I never knew ya. #Celtics #NoSaltJustGasoline ⛽️ #NotMyPointGuard

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Burning a jersey under any circumstances is plain silly, but this guy managed to outdo himself by lighting fire to a custom No. 20 Fultz jersey which, of course, doesn’t actually exist because Fultz hasn’t even been drafted yet.

The craziest part? The fan, who operates under the Instagram handle “greenrunsdeep,” bought this jersey way back in May, right after Boston won the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.

He issued an explanation of sorts after video of his jersey burn went “viral,” explaining that he only burned the jersey because of a promise he made to his followers.

To the people that have been following me since day 1. Much love my people. Today's video went viral. But obviously the internet (who doesn't know anything about the story) got pissed about it. My real followers know what went down tho. I bought the jersey the night the Celtics won the lottery from China it was 20$ shipped to my house, so I did it to be funny! Fultz was hands down the #1 pick in the draft, I took a guess at his number, and whatever. It wasn't a purchase that I'm gonna cry about. Instead I turned it into something funny, which I pretty much do with all my posts. I said if we had 5k likes I would burn it. We ended up getting over 10k likes on the post, so you already know I had to deliver. I have nothing against Markelle Fultz. Nothing against the 76ers. Nothing against anyone who wanted the Celtics to get Fultz. But the Celtics by trading this pick obviously don't think drafting Fultz is a good idea, so I stand behind my team 100% and I'm happy with the trade. I think we could of gotten a little more for the pick, but I'm not an NBA GM. At the end of the day people offered me 200$ for the jersey and I declined, I opted to burn it and it went wild on the internet haha. No regrets. Just want to say thanks to my loyal people who support me, no matter what. Thanks for the positive DM's all day. I appreciate it. 💯🍀 #Celtics

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If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s fans doing stupid stuff, and this guy certainly delivered.

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