Here’s How ‘Cars 3’ Almost Included Batmobiles Talking To Each Other


The final version of “Cars 3” is missing one very important piece: the movie’s coolest scene.

That’s because a scene featuring talking Batmobiles didn’t make the final cut, according to Screen Junkies. It’s unfortunate, because it sounds like the the famous vehicle was incorporated in a pretty cool way.

“At one point, part of the story took place in (Los Angeles) and we had a scene where (Lightning) McQueen went to a Hollywood Hills party and it was full of actors,” Brian Fee, director of “Cars 3,” told Screen Junkies. “So we had the old Batmobile and the new Batmobile talking to each other at a party. They’re the actors of the world.”

Ultimately, the “story evolved in a different way,” which is why “Cars 3” is void of Batman’s iconic whip.

Still, the movie isn’t short on historical references, especially those inspired by NASCAR.

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