Honda Dealer’s Sign Leads To Two Arrests For Alleged Panhandling Scam


You’d think if a company calls somebody out for trying to scam people, that person would stop trying to do so in front of that business’s store. But apparently you’d be wrong.

A sign in front of a Brighton, Mich., car dealer seemingly has led to the arrest of two panhandlers attempting to scam people in front of the store, Automotive News reports.

Brighton Honda posted a sign at its store on Tuesday warning passersby not to give money to two panhandlers that frequently stand in front of the dealership. Bert Justice, the dealer’s general manager, told Automotive News on Thursday that he offered a job to the eldest of the two men, but he told Justice no.

“We said he could work at the dealership as a porter,” Justice said. “He turned us down, saying he was making twice what we make doing what he was doing.”

Justice reportedly put up the sign after roughly a year of the man standing in front of the dealership, reportedly yelling at employees and customers, and even exposing himself to urinate in a cup. Salesman Brett Paulson posted a picture of the sign on Facebook that went viral, and said the man in question told him conflicting stories about how he became homeless.

Justice said he made the sign in the hopes of getting the men to leave. Although that didn’t work, it seemingly led to their arrests.

Sgt. Michael Sura of the Michigan State Police reportedly said Thursday that two men had been arrested for disorderly conduct and vagrancy in Brighton. They’ve since been released, though police are still investigating the situation, so they haven’t been charged.

Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Brett Paulson

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