Nevada Highway Patrol Calls Out Person Who Parked On Rock At EDC Las Vegas


There was just one car left standing when the parking lot cleared at Las Vegas Motor Speedway after this weekend’s Electric Dance Carnival. Well, actually it was left precariously perched on a rock.

Nevada Highway Patrol’s Southern Command posted a picture Monday calling out somebody who left their Volkswagen Passat parked on top of a pretty large boulder.

Given that EDC has a reputation for its party atmosphere, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the result of somebody attempting to drive while impaired. In fact, we’d be more surprised if the driver was sober, given that they seemingly continued to back up onto the rock until the front tires no longer had grip.

We sincerely hope NHP sends out a followup tweet once the person comes to claim their VW, because we really want to know the story behind this.

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