Pakistani Man Gets Arrested After Driving Pet Lion Around In Truck Bed


Having a pet lion presents way more inconveniences than, say, owning a dog does, including where to put it when you need to drive it somewhere.

One Pakistan man’s solution to that, in all seriousness, might be the worst idea of all time.

Saqlain Javed was arrested Wednesday after a video went viral that showed him driving around Karachi, Pakistan, with his pet lion in his truck bed, according to Reuters. The Pakistani business man claims he was driving the animal home after taking it to the vet, according to local police, via Reuters.

This video raises far more questions than we can answer, but all we can think about is how unbelievably chill this lion is. Seriously, have you ever seen a lion chilling harder than this one? No, you haven’t.

Don’t tell that to the police, though.

“The man was driving around with his lion near a local market and it was a matter of endangering public life and property” senior police superintendent Muqadas Haider told Reuters.

Javed, who reportedly has a license to run a personal zoo, was released on bail. He and the world’s coolest lion eventually were reunited.

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