Vince Young Wonders Why ‘Garbage’ QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Has Job In NFL

Vince Young hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL regular-season game since 2011, and he’s not pleased that some quarterbacks continue to get opportunities in the league when he does not.

The former Texas Longhorns star recently sat down with Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop for a revealing interview in which he discussed his career, bankruptcy, the infamous Cheesecake Factory bill and a current NFL quarterback who he believes has gotten too many chances in the NFL.

“I’d see a quarterback and be like, ‘Dude is garbage, and I’m over here in the kitchen cooking turkey necks!?'” Young told Bishop.”I hate to name-drop, but (Ryan) Fitzpatrick is still playing!? He leads the league in interceptions, and he’s still f—— getting paid? I mean, what the f— is going on?”

Fitzpatrick actually was third in the NFL in interceptions last season with 17, trailing Phillip Rivers (21) and Jameis Winston (18), but Young’s point still stands.

The former New York Jets signal-caller did lead the league in interceptions in 2011, when he tossed 23 picks. And Fitzpatrick never has led a team to the playoffs, which Young did in 2007.

Young last got a shot in the NFL in 2014 when the Cleveland Browns signed him to a one-year deal, but they released him shortly after they drafted Johnny Manziel two weeks later.

He finished his NFL career with 46 touchdowns and 51 interceptions, and winning the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2006 as a member of the Tennessee Titans.

While Young might have a point about Fitzpatrick’s production in the NFL, the 34-year-old likely wouldn’t be able to fare much better today. The last time Young took an NFL field he tossed four touchdowns and nine interceptions in six games for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011.

Thumbnail photo via Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports Images