Watch Swarm Of 20,000 Bees Take Over English Woman’s Nissan Juke


A single bee really isn’t something most people should be concerned about. But 20,000? Now that’s terrifying.

And unfortunately for Shirley Taylor, of Yorkshire, England, that honey-soaked nightmare was waiting for her when she approached her Nissan Juke on Sunday, according to BBC. The reason for the bees swarming Taylor’s car reportedly isn’t clear, but ridding her crossover of the insects was no short task.

Taylor, who lives on Watt Street in Hull, a city within Yorkshire, didn’t escape the situation unscathed.

“There were thousands all over the place,” Taylor told BBC, “and I have been stung and my daughter and granddaughter also got stung.

“It is like Nightmare on Watt Street.”

Personally, we can’t help but imagine what Nicolas Cage would’ve done if this had happened to him.

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