Elon Musk Confirms Model 3 Deliveries Will Begin Toward End Of July


In a bizarre twist, the Tesla Model 3 actually is slightly ahead of schedule.

Elon Musk tweeted Monday that the Model 3 had been approved for production by regulators two weeks earlier than it expected. He also said he expects the first example to roll off the assembly line late this week.

Tesla has been under a lot of pressure to keep the Model 3’s development on schedule, given that it previously delayed both the Model S and Model X’s releases. The electric vehicle manufacturer reportedly has been burning through capital to ensure it meets its deadlines, recording $330 million in losses in the first quarter.

Musk’s company plans to have the first 30 cars in customers’ hands by the end of July, and then will begin dramatically increasing its production output.

The Tesla CEO also estimates that the automaker will be able to churn out 20,000 Model 3 sedans per month by December. Tesla, for perspective, sold a combined 76,230 examples of its Model S and Model X vehicles in 2016.

Although it’s certainly impressive that Tesla was able to get the Model 3 out on time, if the EVs timely arrival comes at the expense of quality, it could all be for nothing.

Thumbnail photo via Tesla

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