Jay Leno Put 1,000 Miles On His Ford GT In First Week Of Owning It


Ford hand-selected who would get to own a GT based on things such as which of the company’s vehicles they previously owned and their level of notoriety. But the most important qualification of all: the person must drive their GT once they own it.

Well, Jay Leno certainly hasn’t disappointed on that front.

In a video posted by “Jay Leno’s Garage” on Monday, the former talk show host showed viewers around his mid-engine Ford and revealed he racked up 1,000 miles in his first week with it. In other words, he averaged more than 100 miles per day.

That would be considered a lot even if it was a minivan that’s used to pick up kids from school every day. To do that much driving in a $400,000 supercar, though, almost is unheard of.

Considering Ford was willing to issue Leno a GT with the same serial number as his 2005 GT, we’d be surprised if the automaker even looked at his application other than when it was looking for a return address for his acceptance letter.

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