Replacing Brake Pads, Rotors Is Complicated, But Worth Your Trouble


Few things in life are worse than dropping your car off for a routine oil change, then having your mechanic inform you that you need new brakes. Replacing brake pads and/or rotors can leave a huge dent in your wallet. But, like most automotive repairs, the job is significantly more affordable if you do it yourself.

Of course, if replacing brakes was easy, everyone would do it. Thankfully, Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained uploaded a video Tuesday that shows you how to replace both pads and rotors. Watch it below:

As you can see, replacing the pads is far easier and cheaper than the rotors. This is why it’s so important to replace your brake pads before they wear too thin.

Furthermore, this entire process can be delayed immensely if you don’t put yourself in situations where you need to slam on the brakes, such as tailgating or texting while driving.

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