These Young, Jaded Jets Fans Already Know How Horrible Their Team Is


Young fans of NFL teams like, say, the New England Patriots, grow up expecting their favorite teams to win. New York Jets fans, though, pretty much are the exact opposite.

The negativity and pessimism of the Jets youthful following were on full display during a Facebook Live broadcast from Sports Illustrated on Monday. SI interviewed multiple young fans during the broadcast, and there was one common word used to describe the current iteration of the Jets: “Suck.”

Hey, you have to give these people credit for sticking with their team ahead of what could be one of the worst season’s in the franchise’s history.

Ultimately, these fans need something to be optimistic about. The prospect of landing the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft likely helps, but might we suggest listening to the words that come out of Leonard Williams’ mouth?

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