Vlogger Claims Tesla Model S ‘Not Safe,’ But He Really Needed New Tires


A vlogger recently sold his Tesla Model S P85 after owning it for two years because he claimed having rear-wheel suddenly made the car “not safe” for his family. In reality, though, he was the one putting them in danger, not the car.

Dan, from “WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY,” posted a video July 2 revealing that he was getting rid of his 2013 Tesla Model S P85. So why did Dan get rid of his “great Tesla,” as he called it, after nearly two years? Well, he claims that the car “has gotten to the point where it is not safe for our family to drive in,” solely because it’s rear-wheel drive.

“Like whenever we go on road trips, or whenever we’re driving and it starts raining — not just snow, but whenever it starts raining — the back end starts slipping out and it’s super scary,” Dan said.

After he explained his problem, Dan then showed the car’s rear tires, which were completely bald and worn down to the steel belts. Dan claims this, though, is still the car’s fault, not his.

The Model S isn’t to blame, Dan is.

He explained that the tire sensors in his car were wonky — a common problem in early Teslas — so even when he wasn’t trying to drive “super, super fast,” he’d experience tire slip, ultimately wearing the tires down.

What we don’t think he realizes is the P85 puts 470 horsepower through the rear wheels and weighs roughly 4,500 pounds, therefore putting a lot of demand on the tires. As a result, not driving with a heavy foot isn’t enough to preserve your tires, you need to exercise a great deal of throttle control. What’s more, if you know your car has an issue that’s increasing tire wear, it’s your responsibility to monitor the treads and rotate your tires when necessary.

Blissfully letting your tires go bald and blaming your car for having no grip essentially is like not turning your heat on in the winter, letting your pipes freeze and blaming your house for having poor insulation.

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