Clay Travis Wonders Aloud If People Should Question Tom Brady About PEDs


Tom Brady is a day away from turning 40 years old, so naturally, folks are coming out of the woodwork to wonder if he’s gotten this far by using performance-enhancing drugs.

FOX Sports Radio’s Clay Travis sparked the discussion Wednesday on his show, “Outkick the Coverage,” and although he didn’t accuse Brady of doing anything illegal, he discussed whether people should question the New England Patriots quarterback’s career. And he had some rather interesting theories as to why people don’t despite Brady’s “shady” past.

“I think one reason we don’t question Brady — and especially because Brady’s got kind of a shady background when it comes to Deflategate and everything that’s been associated with (head coach Bill) Belichick and the Patriots over the years and their ability and willingness to push the envelope — I think one reason we don’t talk about Brady in any kind of PEDs use is because he’s not that physically imposing,” Travis said.

“I think physically, you look at Tom Brady, and he just looks like a regular dude. And he can’t run. He ran a 5.28 (40-yard dash) when he was 22. So, I don’t know what he would run now. Would he run a 6.00 40? Maybe, now that he’s 40 years old. So, I don’t really think — and then you look around the league, there’ve been a lot of guys who have played quarterback at 40 and beyond, whether it’s Vinny Testaverde, Warren Moon, guys who I think you also look at and say, ‘Man, those guys don’t look like physical specimens to me.'”

Travis never seems to answer the question he’s posing, but he brings it up multiple times and doesn’t once mention how much credit Brady has given to his strict diet and exercise plan for elongating his career.

“How long is Brady going to go?” Travis asked. “When you look at him statistically, is it fair to not ask a PEDs question of Brady? Does anyone even think remotely about PEDs, or is that something that should be asked when he gets to 40 now?”

Some NFL assistants reportedly believe Brady’s age will catch up to him in 2017, so it appears we’ll just have to wait and see what happens this season.

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