Cubs Minor Leaguer Has Unsettling Obsession With Staring Down Cameras


The Chicago Cubs farm system recently has produced some of the best players in baseball. However, it’s also responsible for one of the creepiest players in the game today.

Baseball fans, meet Taylor Davis, catcher for the Iowa Cubs.

Chicago’s Triple-A affiliate recently shared a video that showcases Davis’ bizarre affinity for staring down cameras, no matter where they’re located. The fact that Davis is so aware of where cameras are is genuinely unsettling, but hilarious nonetheless.

Watch his season-long gag in the video below:

If you felt there were times when Davis was literally staring into your soul, you’re not alone.

Hey, no matter how much you love the game, a minor league baseball season can start to feel a little long in the tooth. So, good on Davis for finding a creative way to spice things up.

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