Mercedes F1’s Hilariously NSFW Misreading Of Red Bull Tweet Draws Laughs


Formula One is supposed to be not just the pinnacle of motorsport, but also a bastion of sophistication. Even F1 teams apparently have trouble keeping their minds out of the gutter, however.

Red Bull Racing tweeted a GIF on Friday of Max Verstappen walking down a hallway with a huge flamingo tube wrapped around him. This obviously raised plenty of questions, and Red Bull didn’t help matters by accompanying the tweet with a URL that ended in”BullsOut.”

Mercedes-AMG Petronas then misread the URL to be something far more inappropriate, though perfectly reasonable, given the incredibly bizarre context. But it certainly wasn’t the only one.

Check out the hilarious fallout from Flamingogate:

And you thought F1 was so classy.

Personally, we just want to know what would’ve happened if the URL ended in “BullsOnParade.”

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