Sights, Sounds From Colin Kaepernick Rally Outside NFL Headquarters


The NFL might be blackballing him, but Colin Kaepernick still has plenty of people on his side.

Thousands protested Wednesday in support of Kaepernick outside NFL headquarters in Manhattan, in a rally organized by actor/director Spike Lee. People of all races showed solidarity for the quarterback who, unlike Jay Cutler, still is without a job in the NFL — something many attribute to the negative publicity surrounding his decision to protest the national anthem last season.

ESPN’s The Undefeated provided a montage of the rally, which can be viewed below.

Here’s a longer clip of members of Kappa Alpha Psi, a predominantly African-American collegiate fraternity, showing support for Kaepernick.

And here are some other sights and sounds from the rally.

Whether Wednesday’s protest in New York increases Kaepernick’s chances of getting a job in the NFL remains to be seen.

If and when he does sign with a team, he reportedly will stand for the national anthem. However, there likely will be plenty of players around him still protesting.

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