Tom Brady already has established himself as the greatest quarterback of all time, and the New England Patriots signal caller and wife Gisele Bundchen certainly aren’t lacking for cash. So why does Brady, 40, want to keep going through the rigors of playing in the NFL for at least another five years?

“Mostly because I love it,” Brady told CNN Asia while in Shanghai last month. “I mean, I love sports, I love the competition and to run out in front of 75,000 fans, is an amazing experience. … I feel better now than when I was 25. So, I think in that sense I’ve got a pretty good approach, so whatever may come at me over the course of my entire career, because of the approach I take, I’m very confident I can continue to play and love what I do.”

Bundchen stirred up some controversy over the offseason when she told CBS that Brady has suffered concussions throughout his career. Brady has never been listed on the Patriots’ injury report with a concussion, and the QB’s agent, Don Yee, said Brady has never been diagnosed with a concussion.

Brady was asked about the head injuries by CNN Asia. The QB delivered a similar sentiment to the one he expressed earlier this month to the media.

“I don’t think it’s difficult to discuss, I just don’t think it’s anyone’s business what’s going on with my ankle or my knees or my arm or my head,” Brady said. “Those are personal things that I’m dealing with that everybody should be concerned with. … Yes, I do play a contact sport, but I also feel I take more preventative measures than probably anybody in the world, so I really don’t have concerns.”

Thumbnail photo via Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports Images