Two Guys Decide Titans Scrimmage Is Great Place For Bloody Fistfight


As it turns out, roster-bubble players aren’t the only guys who have something to prove at NFL pre-season scrimmages.

During what surely was a fascinating Tennessee Titans scrimmage Saturday, a couple of fans got into a heated fist fight that left one man bleeding heavily from the nose. Watch it go down in the video below.

(Warning: The following video contains somewhat graphic images.)

So what was all the fuss about?

Well, the man wearing the “Keep Calm and Titan Up” shirt apparently ended up with the other guy’s phone, and refused to give it back, according to Terez Owens. Definitely grounds for being upset, but we’re not sure it needed to go quite this far.

But we have to say, despite having his nose busted open, the fan in the Titan shirt did respond with a fairly impressive, Nolan Ryan-esque headlock.

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