Say what you want about LaVar Ball, but the guy is pretty entertaining.

The Big Baller’s AAU squad, whose coach is the ever-controversial father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, capped off its season Friday against Team Lillard. At one point in the game, a brawl almost broke out after Big Ballers’ Will Pluma fouled Team Lillard’s Tre Gray.

While order was being restored, Ball was doing some pretty weird stuff on the sidelines.

Watch the scene unfold in the video below:

We’re not sure what message Ball was trying to send here, but it was humorous nonetheless.

It’s a fitting conclusion to the Big Ballers’ season, which has featured no shortage of bizarre moments. We’ve seen the internet roast Ball’s son LaMelo Ball after a horrid shooting performance, and we’ve also seen LaVar eviscerate him, and the rest of the Ballers, after a loss.

But at least that game went four quarters, which wasn’t always the case during the team’s season.