What Do You Make Of Aaron Rodgers’ Elaborate ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory?


WARNING: In case you haven’t guessed, this article contains spoilers from HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” If you’re not caught up to the latest episode, you should probably watch Aaron Rodgers’ crazy trick throw instead.

Aaron Rodgers makes a ton of money and is one of the best quarterbacks on the planet. He’s also just like you.

That’s because the Green Bay Packers QB, like millions of other Americans, is a huge fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” which kicked off Season 7 last month. And like millions of Americans, Rodgers is full of theories about the show’s most important characters.

If you’ve followed along this far, there’s one theory that’s more popular than the rest involving Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and a single bloodline. In an interview with The Ringer’s Kevin Clark, Rodgers revealed he not only subscribes to that theory, but is ready to take it one step further.

“I think that Jon Snow, Daenerys, and the Hand of the Queen (Tyrion Lannister) — I think they are all related,” Rodgers told Clark. “Three dragons, three riders, three siblings. We know from Bran, the Three-Eyed Raven, that Ned Stark was not Jon Snow’s father. The Mad King might have been his father … and that would make Daenerys and Jon brother and sister.

“And then Tyrion, we don’t know who his mother is, who Tywin (Lannister) slept with. I think there’s some sort of relationship. At least Jon Snow and Daenerys are going to be working together, and they are mining the dragon glass.”

Rodgers clearly is more than just a casual fan, and to be honest, this theory isn’t crazy — although he has it a little backward.

First, the original theory claims Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon Snow’s father, not Aerys, aka “The Mad King.” As for Rodgers’ theory, some speculate that Tyrion’s mother, Joanna Lannister, slept with Aerys on the night of her wedding to Tywin, which would make “The Mad King” Tyrion’s father. George R.R. Martin hinted at that possible encounter in one of his books that inspired the series, and some point to a Season 6 scene involving Tyrion unchaining Daenerys’ dragons as a sign that he actually has Targaryen blood.

We’ll (hopefully) find out soon enough if this theory is correct, and if Rodgers can add another win to his résumé.

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