Tuesday’s megatrade, which sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics and Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers, has many people divided on which team “won” the trade. But Celtics legend Paul Pierce has to side with Green Teamers, right?


In an appearance on ESPN on Wednesday, Pierce gave his two cents on the deal, which many — including Stephen A. Smith — say the Cavs won. “The Truth” also falls into this group, and even believes the Cavs still are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.

Watch him explain in the video below:

While Celtics fans might not want to admit it, it’s hard to argue that Cleveland hasn’t improved since last season. As Pierce alluded to, the Cavs are deeper and more talented than they were before, and the drop-off from Irving to Thomas, assuming he’s healthy, isn’t that steep.

Still, considering who the Celtics didn’t give up, we think history eventually will look at them as the winners of this blockbuster.

Thumbnail photo via Sergio Estrada/USA TODAY Sports Images