Video games have gotten absurdly realistic in recent years. But they’re far from perfect.

The latest evidence of this comes courtesy of “NBA Live 18,” which EA Sports hopes will compete with the immensely popular “NBA 2k” series for NBA sim supremacy. But “Live” isn’t off to a great start, as the game apparently makes it possible for Cleveland Cavaliers guard Isaiah Thomas to block Chicago Bulls forward Robin Lopez. In case you’ve forgotten, Thomas stands at just five-foot-nine, while Lopez is a seven-footer.

Watch the digital Thomas pull off the remarkable feat in the following video, which comes packaged with one of the most hilarious gamer reactions you will ever see:

(Warning: some of the language in this video is NSFW.)


As the gamer points out, if the real Thomas actually could play that high above the rim, winning the NBA championship would be a “breeze” for the Cavs.

Honestly, with skills like that, it should be Thomas — not James Harden — on the cover of “Live 18.” And that would be perfect, as Kyrie Irving, the player Thomas was traded for, is set to appear on the cover of “NBA 2K18.”

Thumbnail photo via Ken Blaze/USA TODAY Sports Images