Jim Mora Spices Up Saints-Vikings Report With Hilariously Casual S-Bomb

Jim Mora continues to be one of the best soundbites in the NFL — and he hasn’t coached in over 15 years.

You might know Mora as the former Indianapolis Colts head coach who was not particularly interested in discussing the 2001 postseason. The ex-coach now serves as a Saints analyst for WDSU-6 in Louisiana, and he was back on the air Monday night to break down New Orleans’ Week 1 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

Let’s hear what Mora had to say. (In case you couldn’t tell by the headline, this video contains explicit language.)

Well, then.

The in-studio host gave Mora a good-natured ribbing about being less patient as the game went on, and when reporter Sharief Ishaq communicated that line to Mora, the legendary coach responded jovially, “Tell Scott he’s full of s***.”

Mora apparently had no idea he was on live television, which makes his s-bomb hilarious in itself. But the 82-year-old didn’t really seem to care when informed of his error — in fact, he seemed to get a pretty good kick out of it.

Keep doing you, Jim.