Public opinion is shifting when it comes to sports betting.

UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion, in partnership with The Washington Post, recently asked Americans about their thoughts on sports betting, and you might be surprised by what the poll found.

According to the poll, 55 percent of respondents approved of legalized professional sports betting, although only one in five have participated in it over the past five years.

“A majority of Americans now favor sports betting, but this is especially true among respondents younger than 50,” Prof. Joshua Dyck, co-director of the UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion, said in a statement. “This suggests that support may actually continue to increase in years to come. I would not be surprised if we see a push to legalize sports betting in more states, especially in states with the ballot initiative.”

New Jersey is a state that has tried to legalize sports betting, and the Supreme Court is set to hear its case. And it appears the public is on The Garden State’s side.

Thumbnail photo via Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports Images