Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Chris McCain has a pregame routine unlike any other player, but that was interrupted by security at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

The four-year defensive lineman always chooses a young fan from the stands to come down to the field and have a special on-field experience before kickoff.

Here’s a video of McCain plucking a young fan out of the stands before a preseason game in August:

But McCain ran into a little trouble before Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots, as a security guard who takes his job too seriously stopped McCain and the lucky young fan because the kid didn’t have a credential.

McCain laid everything out in an Instagram post containing a video of the security guard stopping the kid from walking onto the field.

After the guard initially stopped him, McCain went and grabbed a credential, but the guard still wouldn’t allow the young Chargers supporter on the field.

“I got the credentials and he stopped us in the video you see and says ‘you can’t walk just cause you went and got a pass for him,” McCain wrote. “So then he grabs the kid arm and snatches the pass from him. I told him ‘never do that again especially in front of me.’ Kid starts crying. So the guard knew he was wrong and still didn’t budge but can see the guilt. BUT I refuse not to walk a kid before a game. THIS IS BIGGER THAN FOOTBALL.

“This man technically assaulted this kid by grabbing his arm and snatching the pass.”

While the fan didn’t get to go on the field, McCain still met up with him after the game and gave him his jersey.

Personally, we believe this is an amazing gesture and one that should be allowed at every stadium.

We hope McCain is allowed to make another fan’s day next time the Chargers visit the Patriots.