The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros played one of the best World Series games in baseball history Wednesday night, but one Dodgers fan wasn’t around to see it play out.

In the 10th inning of the Astros’ improbable Game 2 win, a potentially overserved knucklehead hopped the fence separating the seats and the Houston bullpen. And quite frankly, he had about as much success as Dodgers relievers had in their attempts to keep the Astros from hitting rockets all over Dodger Stadium.

You might not be able to tell from first view, but the whole ordeal was made even worse for the Dodgers fan by the fact that his hop came just as Carlos Correa was launching a 10th-inning home run for Houston.

Despite a likely night in jail, maybe this guy actually is one of the game’s big winners for not having to stick around and watch the Dodgers lose it in 11 innings.