Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world over 100 meters, but he recently got a lesson in how to be quick on a track that’s a bit longer, and has a few more corners.

Bolt was at Sunday’s Formula One United States Grand Prix to serve as the honorary race starter, but before assuming that role, he spent time with the fastest man in the world on four wheels: Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton took Bolt for a spin around Circuit of the Americas in the new Mercedes-AMG GT R to show the Olympic gold medalist how he makes a living. After keeping things tidy to showcase his speed for one lap, the three-time F1 world champion turned the GT R’s traction control off — in spite of Bolt begging him to leave it on — and put on a masterclass in car control.

Although Bolt proved on “Top Gear” that he has some natural ability behind the wheel, we’re not surprised Mercedes-AMG Petronas only let Hamilton drive. Having its star driver and a world record holder both end up in the hospital because they crashed in one of its cars was the last thing Mercedes needed.

Thumbnail photo via Mercedes-AMG Petronas