SUV, Race Car Collide During NASCAR Event On Charlotte Streets


Getting to see a race car up close is something that not everybody is lucky enough to experience. But apparently that wasn’t enough for one person in Charlotte who decided to do something that usually only racing drivers get to do: wreck a race car.

The driver of an Acura MDX seemingly got distracted by Austin Dillon’s car during an event in uptown Charlotte on Tuesday, as they didn’t see a Charlotte Motor Speedway show car pull out in front of them. As a result, the SUV broadsided the stock car and briefly drove over the car’s front-left wheel arch before plopping back down on the ground.

We admittedly didn’t see enough of the buildup to the accident to definitively say who was at fault. But considering how small the mirrors on stock cars are, the SUV driver definitely should have driven more defensively than usual.

Brad Keselowski clearly enjoyed being a spectator of a crash for once, though his enthusiasm could have been because the accident involved a Toyota, not a Ford.

We wonder if the incident will make the Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department hesitant to allow Charlotte Motor Speedway to host the Laps Uptown event again next year. To be fair, the driver’s did follow the rules the police gave to them.

Good thing the police already were on hand at the time of the collision.

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