Cleveland TV Host Learns Of Browns’ Fail On Air, Reacts In Predictable Fashion


If someone’s going to write a book about this era — or maybe any era, really — of the Cleveland Browns franchise, local TV personality Bruce Drennan might have just come up with the perfect title: “It’s incomprehensible!”

The Browns screwed the pooch once again Tuesday, reportedly fumbling at the goal line in their handling of a potential trade with the Cincinnati Bengals. The two clubs reportedly agreed on a trade that would send backup quarterback A.J. McCarron to the Browns (for a second- and third-round pick!!!), but Cleveland apparently forgot to call in the trade and the deal was voided.

You’d think Browns fans and Cleveland media would be used to this thing by now because, you know, it’s the Browns. And a large segment of the fan base probably has accepted their fates as Browns supporters. But Drennan couldn’t help himself. He learned of the snafu while he was on the air and had the only appropriate response.

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