We’re getting pretty antsy waiting for Hyundai to bring its new N sub-brand to the United States, but not because of the performance division’s first ad.

The Korean automaker recently released a commercial to promote Hyundai N that parodies cologne advertisements. The 60-second spot is titled “Feel The Feeling,” and needless to say, we weren’t feeling it.

The message that an N car, unlike the vehicles Hyundai is known for, will appeal to all your senses, is exactly what you’d expect from a performance-oriented brand. The delivery, however, is anything but.

Frankly, if Hyundai N wants unusual — at times, uncomfortable — advertisements to be its calling card, we couldn’t care less. As long as its U.S.-bound hot hatch, based on the Hyundai Veloster, packs as much of a punch as the i30N it already sells in Europe, we’ll welcome it stateside with open arms.